Monday, March 5, 2012

Duke is Receiving Therapeutic Laser Treatments

Duke is receiving therapeutic laser treatments at Pekin Veterinary Clinic for a lick granuloma on his paw He is owned by Feyza Clendenin. Duke really seemed to be enjoying the glasses.


March is Poison Prevention Month

March is Poison Prevention Month. Did you know that some of the most common household items that poison pets include human medication, both prescription and over the counter? With over 25,000 reported cases of pets poisoned by eating human medicine, it’s important to exercise extreme caution when it comes to storing these items! Keep your medications high up on shelves and closed inside cabinets, where your pet cannot access them. It’s also important to open bottles over counters so that any dropped pills don’t end up on the floor where they can be snapped up by a curious pet. Use precaution, and give your pet a long, healthy life.