Thursday, March 13, 2014

March: Ruby/Cooper

To my dear fans,
As winter is nearing an end, I am glad to report that my attitude is fair. I have yet to bite a technician (today).  I have managed to become even more beautiful and feel more amazing these last few weeks. As many of you may know I used to have a weight problem, but my staff here has helped me achieve my goals of the healthy, beautiful shape you see today! 

I have included a photo of my first days here at Pekin Vet. DO NOT LAUGH. I repeat, DO NOT LAUGH or I will have you disposed of.  I have lost a total of about 16 pounds! I know, I know, you're like... “What's your secret, Princess Ruby!?!” “How did you get so beautiful?!”  Well, here it is. Eat less and move more!
 Yep, that’s it…Oh, and the help of a prescription diet and a strict measuring cup... If you want to know more just ask the stingy techs and doctors here.

Pssst, occasionally I can trick someone into feeding me twice! AND sometimes I steal Cooper's breakfast... He can be so dense sometimes! Ta-Ta for now suckers!

*Muah *Muah,
Princess Ruby

Hey Dudes!

It’s your Captain speaking. It's been a tough winter, and with this nicer weather coming, I’ve changed my ‘tude a bit. I’ve lightened up my stick demeanor on the technicians. I sleep, eat, and watch everyone rush around while I doze on the counter tops. I don't have any bills to pay, and everyone wants to love on me, of course. Sometimes, taking it easy, can be more overwhelming than you would think! But I’m catching on just fine…

I should plan a trip. I do trip sometimes when I am thinking about food. food. foooood...fooooood. What? Where was I? Anyway, I can't complain. I only wish I knew what was going on with Ruby, she can be so sassy sometimes. And I have no idea what is with the smug look she gives me after breakfast sometimes. Like she knows something I don't. Like she is royalty or something. I like royalty. Prince William seems nice... Wonder if he ever goes by Prince Bill? What was I saying again? Anyway, take care, ‘till next time!

 Later Gater,

Captain Cooper