Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ruby/Cooper Holiday Blog


It’s I again, Princess Ruby. Last month I blogged about escaping from Ruby-Traz, which is my version of Alcatraz. Mind you, I do enjoy it here at the clinic. Sometimes I just want to be able to explore what’s on the outside of these walls…and of course taste all of the yummy food the world has to offer! Speaking of food, Thanksgiving has come and gone and do you think I got even a tiny piece of Turkey?!?! Absolutely not! You would think that someone here would have the heart to give this Princess at least a nibble, but, apparently not! It is called ThanksGIVING you know.

We did have a busy November especially with the big wind storm. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago something I believe the humans call a tornado hit around this area. We had several cats and dogs that had to stay with us for shelter. Our awesome staff took them in with open, loving arms while times were rough. The staff helped in trying to find their lost owners. They put pictures and descriptions on Facebook for owners to view. There are still two cats who have not been matched with their owners yet. We aren't sure if they even had a place to call home before the storms, but I do hope that we will find their owners soon. I can barely handle sharing this clinic with Cooper, let alone two more MALE cats!

On a lighter note, Christmas is right around the corner. My favorite holiday, of course!! Everyone here is in the holiday spirit, and not to mention…it’s a time for presents! I feel like I have been an exceptionally good Princess this year. So, I’m sure Santa will bring me lots of goodies.

            “Dear Santa, I like lots of treats! Any kind of treats, lots and lots of treats.”
Well, I should probably get going, Cooper is heading up the….ohh, Cooper, are you ok? He just fell out of the Christmas tree. Silly cat! Every year the technicians tell him not to do that.

Anyway…Merry Cat-mas!



Hello again, folks!
It’s me Cooper, back to spread some joy. The holidays are fast approaching. This is a time when I notice that most people, even the staff here at the clinic, are very distracted. And it's no wonder, with all of the decorating, shopping, and constant holiday bustle that comes with this time of year.
When you come in to visit us during the holiday season, you'll notice that our lobby is filled with festive decor! One of my favorite decorations is the Christmas tree! I love it! So many colors, ribbons, and lights... but every year, when I finally get a chance out of my busy schedule to climb to the top and "inspect" all of the decorations on the tree, it never fails; one of the girls ALWAYS pulls me down and takes me back to the treatment area. I mean, come on, it is my job to make sure everything's in order both in the treatment area and the front; they should know this!
Now, I can understand why they are concerned. Many cats have hurt themselves trying to climb Christmas tree; whether it be from falling, biting into a string of lights, or even ingesting a long piece of ribbon or tinsel. With “normal” cats, an owner has to be very careful to keep these items away, as some Christmas hazards could even be deadly! But the girls shouldn't worry about me. I've had extensive training.
I don't know about you, but we've still got quite a bit to do before Santa comes! Speaking of the jolly big guy; what presents are you hoping for this year? I know what I’m hoping for!! I could really use a new mouse toy and treats, but I have a feeling that all of the techs are conspiring to give me a dental cleaning. Not that I couldn't use one, but really girls... catnip would be appreciated much more.
Well, I better sign off. I hope to see you in the clinic this month!
Merry Christmas,

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Pet Safety

“My pet would never eat food off the table!”
“My pet would never knock over the Christmas tree!”
“My pet would never bite someone!”

We all know our pets pretty well, but what we don’t always realize is that stress can make anybody do crazy things! When you have holiday guests or flashing Christmas lights or loud holiday music—or all of the above—at your house all at once, your pet may get stressed and frustrated, causing them to act out in unexpected ways. Most pet accidents are met with the statement, “He’s never done anything like that before!”

We recommend always making sure that your pet has a safe place to sit and relax during your holidays parties. Just like some people, pets need to get away from the action and de-stress, but most of the time they don’t know how to ask for their space. If your pet is comfortable in their crate, we recommend moving it into a quiet room and letting them spend some time resting during your holiday get-togethers. Your pet will be happier, and by extension, you and your guests will be happier! And holidays disasters will be prevented.