Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Welcome Dr. Stone!

We are proud to welcome Dr. Sabrina Stone as the newest doctor we have added to our veterinarian family here at Pekin Veterinary Clinic!

Dr. Stone's Biography:

"Becoming a veterinarian has always been a dream of mine growing up. In fact, I was so little that I told my mom I wanted to be a 'vegetarian' because I couldn't pronounce my t's correctly. I grew up in Antioch, IL, which almost makes me a Wisconsinite since my hometown is that close to Wisconsin. My undergraduate years were spent at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I played the clarinet in the marching band. I then took 2 years off and went to Veterinary School at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. However, I continue cheering for the Badgers, packers, and Brewers; like I said before, I grew up in the Wisconsin influence. My cat Midna, who is a long-hair, was born in the Madison, WI area. You may ask why I ended up staying in central Illinois, and that is because I fell in love with the clinic and the outstanding staff. In my free time, I like to go running, water related activities, and when it's snowing, I love to snowboard or just simply play in the snow. I also want to get more involved with golf, and Pekin seems like the perfect place for that!"

The entire team at Pekin Veterinary Clinic is so excited to have Dr. Stone on board with us, providing amazing care to the pets and people in the community!

Friday, July 11, 2014


Riddick has a history of eating silly things... socks, toys, dish rags... 

He had not been feeling so great, so he was having a Barium Series done to check for a foreign body (a blockage in his intestines). 

A special liquid is given, it contains Barium - a metal radio-opaque solution, that shows up on a radiograph. Several radiographs (X-Rays) are taken over a period of time. We track the Barium flowing through the GI system. 

Riddick did great, what a lover-boy! No sock this time and now he is feeling great!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bow Fishing Trip

One of our good friends and representative of the company Zoetis (the animal division of Pfizer) has a special boat for a fun sport of Carp Bow Fishing. Team members of Pekin Veterinary Clinic, including Dr. Jess, Dr. Penn, Courtney, Jennifer and Angela were a part of this fishing excursion.

We had a great time, the fish were not jumping much because the river is a bit high. The afternoon was perfect, the companionship was fun, and the drinks were cold!

 P.S. Not a single fish was harmed on this trip!