Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Catching Up with Ruby & Cooper

My Beloved Fans,

                Whew! It sure has been quite the summer! I hope everyone is beating the heat! I know this fine feline has had a hard time keeping herself groomed with all this humidity! Cooper and I have been doing our best to stay cool and stay hydrated. The technicians and doctors always do a wonderful job of keeping water around for us to drink, although, I can’t say I enjoy sharing a cup with Cooper…
Anyway, I’ve heard the fleas and ticks have sure been out in full force this year. Not that this majestic mouser needs to worry, since those timely technicians are consistent in applying my Revolution every thirty days, which keeps me worm, flea, and tick free all year long! What can I say? I’m a diva. Ta-ta for now my furry friends!


                Princess Ruby

My Fellow Dudes,

                Bro life at the vet is pretty chill this summer, thanks to the A/C being available 24/7. I will have to say though, the view from the perch is super intense! So many puppies and little dudes – that’s hip for “kittens” – have been coming through the doors, it’s totally insane! I always get to catch a glimpse of them when they come to the treatment pad for their baby nail trims, on the house. Just a word to the youngins – I know nail trims can be a little harsh at first, but if your mom or pops keeps up on those, you’ll be a pro in no time! Also, be sure to tell your furless family about our puppy classes! It’s like school, but actually fun, and you get to meet a ton of new friends just like you! Welp, it’s been real dudes, but it’s time for me to head on up to my favorite blanket and take a little cat nap.


                Captain Cooper