Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ruby and Cooper


Day 27 of the New Year and Cooper is still here. I haven’t been able to shake him yet. With this cold weather, it’s been impossible to plan my escape or his demise. I’ve ventured to the front desk many times, though. Weaving myself between legs and creeping past the swinging doors of the treatment area, each time a step closer to planning my path to the outdoors. I do have to admit, the weight loss does help in that matter. If only spring would hurry up already! I feel cabin fever is really setting in and I’m not sure how much more I can take of Cooper and his nonsense! I’ll report back later, once I come up with a better plan.



Well, you guessed it! Captain Cooper is back to brighten your day. We are almost a month into the New Year, and MAN, is it COLD! Not much to do all day but wake up, eat, sleep, play, and, oh, yeah, bother Ruby. It seems my crew of technicians and doctors have everything under control so far in the treatment area, so I have trained them well. Anyway, back to Ruby. She seems a little upset the last few days. Maybe it’s this weather. It seems to be hard on a lot of us this time of year. I think I will bring her one of my toys or let her sit in my command spot and play with my favorite string!  I hope you all are staying as warm as you can out there. Let’s hope for some warmer weather soon!
Signing out,
Captain Cooper

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