Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cooper and Ruby

I would like to formally introduce myself. Many of you have had the chance to meet all the doctors and other team members here at Pekin Veterinary Clinic. What most people aren't aware of is; who around here actually keeps the clinic in running order.

That would be me. My name is Cooper. If you've had the luxury of touring my clinic, you've probably noticed a handsome orange tabby cat supervising the technicians and other team members in the treatment area. With so many women in one place, someone has got to keep them in line. Don’t get me wrong; they are all exceptional at their jobs.

Although, sometimes they get too busy, and I have to remind them that dinner is promptly at 4:00 p.m. Well, since I’m such a nice boss and don’t complain, I generally just stare them down and that usually sends that message across. But if that doesn't work, I politely let Ruby ring the dinner bell, since she never misses a meal. Most of the time, you can find me leisurely watching the commotion from the doctor’s desks, but every now and then I like to retreat. I like to get away from it all and spend some time in Dr. Jess’s office or even steal a few moments of music and peace in Tammy’s office on her window sill. It’s truly hard, you know, to keep such a busy clinic running so smoothly.
Signing out, Captain Cooper

Hello. My name is Princess Ruby and I just want to let all my fans know that I didn't always look this good. These crazy people at Pekin Veterinary Clinic gave me a home back in March of 2011. I used to weigh a good 24 ½ lbs, and they thought that was too much for a princess like me to weigh. After some hard work for both me and the team at Pekin Veterinary Clinic, I now weigh 11 pounds and 4 ounces!!! I’d have to say that’s quite the accomplishment. Every woman knows dieting is NOT the most fun thing to do.

Now that I’m at home here, I want to share my daily life, trials of dieting, and how important I am here at the clinic. You see this place wouldn't run as smoothly if it weren't for me. Oh, and there is this annoying orange tabby here, they call him Cooper, and sometimes he thinks he runs this place but we shall see about that…after all, I am the PRINCESS.
We’ll chat again soon, XOXO

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