Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cooper & Ruby

Hey, All! It’s Captain Cooper again, signing in for duty. 

Well it’s the month of November and I’m positive that Ruby is the most thrilled about it! There always seems to be a lot of people food and smells around the holidays.  

Although I do think she’s scheming something in that calico head of hers. She has been trying harder than normal to get in the garbage and I was almost certain the Technicians had broken her of that nonsense.

Anyway, as you know I am quite the helper here at Pekin Veterinary Clinic and I spend most of my day on the counter top supervising the Technicians and Veterinarians. We've all got to be on our toes and someone has to whip them into shape. 

I also enjoy sitting on their paperwork or obstructing the view of the computers during working hours; everything must be approved by me, so I find this part of my job very essential.

As I said before, Ruby and I are very anxious for Thanksgiving to get here. 

Many clients and employees bring us treats, but we have found in the past that the Technicians usually get to them first or rudely interrupt our chowing down on the good smelling “people” food; but I’m sure it is meant for us!

Note from Technician:  “Remember, pet owners, be careful around the holidays because the food that tastes good to us also tastes and smells good to your furry family members. The doctors here say you shouldn't treat your pets to a Thanksgiving dinner because changing their regular diet can cause stomach irritation and diarrhea.”

I figured I could let her slip that in for the less sophisticated cats, but I just say that’s what the litter boxes are for!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Signing out,

Captain Cooper

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