Thursday, November 14, 2013

Zeus’s Story PART ONE

Pekin Veterinary Clinic would like to introduce you to Zeus Craig, patient to our vet clinic and proud member of the Craig family. Zeus is a 9-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who is making a name for himself on the stage, but he hasn't always wanted to be a star.  He was originally adopted in Bloomington, IL, but now lives with his mom, dad, and two feline sisters in Marquette Heights.  

 Zeus came upon his acting career by accident. His mom, Erin Craig, was in a production called, "Anything Goes," this past summer at Corn Stock Theater.  As part of the production, they needed a small dog to play the part of Mrs. Hardcourt's pet.  Erin volunteered Zeus for the job.  He appeared in four scenes and even led the way down the ramp onto the stage during one of his appearances.  He became a favorite among theater goers and cast members for his calm demeanor and ability to look cute on cue.

After this production, he was asked to play the part of Toto in the Caterpillar Employees Mixed Chorus fall production of, "The Wizard of Oz."  Zeus literally jumped at the chance to return to the stage.  But this role required much more concentration and flexing of his acting chops.  He not only appeared in more than half of the scenes throughout the show, but he also had to take stage direction, which included eating a treat on cue, and running on and running off stage.  He even had to pretend to fall asleep when the Wicked Witch cast a spell on Dorothy and her friends. 

Please check back to hear what motivates Zeus, our famous companion, and how life is at home with the Craig family. 

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