Monday, November 18, 2013

Zeus’s Story Continued

While Zeus may tell you that his true motivation for getting his entrances and cues spot on during the show is his love of the theater, his mom and dad will say he was purely motivated by treats and extra loving from the cast.

Zeus in Anything Goes
 Once he saw the audience reacting with laughter at some of his antics, he seemed to "ham it up" even more for the crowds. After each show he had the pleasure of going out to greet the audience and it was easy for him to make several new fans. He was even asked for a few autographs which Dad, Jeff Craig, gladly helped him with.

Zeus in Anything Goes
 Zeus's dad has said that he seems to be happiest when he's being held and petted by his fans. He enjoys licking each and every one of them. When not on stage, Zeus is not at all like other "star dogs." He enjoys laying in the back yard, eating treats, chasing his feline sisters, barking at the garbage truck and the deer in his back yard. He is also preparing for his new task of big brother this winter when mom and dad welcome his new baby brother.

 He's an avid Cardinals fan and proudly wears his jersey during playoffs and the World Series. He's taking a break for now, but anxiously awaits his next opportunity to shine under the lights. Keep an eye on our blog for details of any upcoming shows that Zeus might be a part of.

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